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Ascending to Oneness and Discovering your purpose and Destiny

“Ascending To Oneness” The Door to the Divine…
Explore the magic of consciousness and healing emotions. Discover your purpose, your destiny, and much more The Ascencion will take you on a fascinating voyage of inner discovery. When you gain this profound depth of understanding. Imagine the sense of purpose and destiny you will have each and every day! See how it fits in with the natural flow of the universe and even with the original reason for life itself. Your Spiritual Journey Awaits You NOW! The human body is a wonderful matrix of light and color! From our skin to our core, we are made of color and light. The DNA within the center of the nucleus of each cell of the body has been shown to emit light. By awakening your light body, you will be guided on your path to your purpose and destiny. Energetic blockages are removed allowing embodiment of your Higher Self. Expansion of your consciousness is one of the main benefits, you will simply become more aware, especially what your purpose is and why you incarnated here at this point in “time.”
You will start to become aware or see things that others cannot see – some of the hidden agendas going on and how to make decisions to help you and your family in the best way possible. Your dormant brain functions will start to become active, especially your pineal gland. Some electrickettleguides.com/ of the physical benefits reported include increased energy, and rejuvenation of various muscles. You will start to see how your body is just a thought form as well, and you can change your body more easily with focus, so you won’t have to work out as much. Your body will undergo a detoxification, best eletric tea kettle review which will bring old emotional issues to the boom beach cheats tool surface to be released forever, to no longer cause dis-ease and poison the body. Because, you see, dis-ease on any level, physical, mental, soul or spiritual, is incorrect vibratory rate(s) patterns not appropriate, or, blocked energy pathway(s) within the various levels of existence. Almost everyone also reports much quicker manifestations of that which they desire… As the energy escalation leading to 2012 heightens polarity, density consciousness will invite greater disconnection and pain.
You have to take action and make your choice. Choice offers resolution. Each year between now and 2012 will support your unfolding mastery. We are writing the road map as we go. It is time to bring your full co-creative power and intuitive wisdom to bear upon choices we are making as individuals and as a society. Let us awaken to our highest potential now! The Universe is infinitely patient. Yet there is URGENCY. We are at the time of reunion. The dawn of 2012 offers support for this call back Home.
Look! Humans are a species with amnesia, and often you forget who you are. 2009 is the time of remembering (loving memory). Are you ready to take the steps required to Ascend?

Asbestos Removal for Dummies

What is asbestos? Asbestos is any of several minerals that readily separate into long, flexible fibres. Chrysotile is the most common type and accounts for about 95 percent of all asbestos in commercial use. Asbestos was mined in Australia from the 1940s to late 1980s and used in a variety of materials and products.The fibre was formerly widely used inbrake linings, gaskets, and insulation; and inroofing shingles, floor and ceiling tiles, cement pipes, and otherbuilding materials.

Inhaling asbestos fibres can cause health risks such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Majority of people who have contracted these diseases have a long history of exposure to asbestos and spanning over a long period of time.

Roughly thirty percent of buildings in Sydney contain some form of asbestos.

If you do not know the condition of your AC sheeting then you can get an asbestos report done by a licensed asbestos removal contractor, which will outline all areas containing asbestos, the condition of the area, the health risks associated and the required course of action.

Many homes & garages contain corrugated asbestos cement roof sheeting that is in poor condition, i.e. unpainted, weather damaged, eroded. Action is a must in these cases, and a licensed asbestos removals contractor should be contacted..

Safe asbestos removal practices:

* You must not cut, grind or break asbestos sheeting

* Appropriate protective equipment needs to be used, eg Australian Standards Protection Level 2 (P2) minimum half face disposable mask, disposable coveralls, protective gloves, goggles, steel cap boots

* Asbestos sheets needs to be removed with minimal breakage and must be kept wet electrickettleguides.com/ to limit the release of fibres

* Asbestos needs to be doubled wrapped in builders plastic 200um thick

* Asbestos needs to be disposed of at a licensed disposal landfill or transfer station, WSN Environmental Solutions have several sites that accept asbestos

* Asbestos removal should not take place on windy days


The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (SYDNEY & NSW)

2001 (Regulation) outlines the following specific requirements for asbestos removal:

Chapter 4, clauses 43 and 44 – Risk assessment, control and asbestos register

-the controller of premises boom beach cheats tool must identify any foreseeable hazards and control them. An asbestos register and exposure standards must be kept.

Chapter 6, clauses 169 and 170 ?Carcinogenic substances (health surveillance records)

-for employers the use of asbestos in the form of chrysotile, crocidolite, amosite, fibrous anthophyllite, tremolite or actinolite are prohibited except for the purpose of sampling or analysis, maintenance, removal, disposal, encapsulation or enclosure and any potential exposure must be recorded and advice given to the employee.

Chapter 8 ?Asbestos in construction

-specific conditions for asbestos removal work on construction sites and prohibition on the reuse of asbestos products or water blasting asbestos products.

Chapter 10 ?Licence requirements

-the requirements for licensing for bonded and friable asbestos removals; from 1 January 2008, a licence is required for the removal of more than 10 square metres of bonded asbestos material.

Chapter 11 ?Permit applications

-permits for friable asbestos removal work.

Chapter 12 ?Notification of Removal work

-notification boom beach cheats of bonded asbestos removal work; exemption requirements for naturally occurring asbestos.

The regulation does not allow the use, reuse or sale of any asbestos product.

For more information regarding asbestos removals see the WorkCover NSW site:

“As We Sow, So Shall We Reap – The “War for Peace”

Article Title: “As We Sow, So Shall We Reap – The “War for Peace”
Author Name: Craig Lock
Line Space: 65 characters
Category (key words): “Inspiration, Spiritual”, World Peace
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electronically or in print.
“As We Sow, So Shall We Reap – The “War for Peace” (Updated)
“Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”
– rather wise and prophetic words from a great leader, John F Kennedy
Author’s Note:
I wrote this piece some time ago just before the start of the Iraq invasion) in “an impulsive moment of passionate motivation and/or inspiration” ), so after seeing the horrific images on television of more daily bombings in Iraq and the killing of ever-more innocent children in Baghdad five years later, my heart bleeds and that is why I sending out my thoughts in an attitude of sorrow, as well as a sincerely feeling that I should express my opinions…hopefully to try make some small difference and a better world through sharing these personal thoughts (as all I can do is write).
I feel “these eternal truths” mentioned in this piece are even more evident in today’s ever more chaotic, intolerant, divided and unsafe world (thanks, President Bush and Mr Blair!). Incidentally, I was a great admirer of the US President and the way he handled the aftermath of 9/11. Unfortunately, with most of the world united with the US (and behind them as a “global superpower”) in an outpouring of sympathy, I believe he totally squandered a wonderful opportunity to unite world-wide forces of good to mobilise against the evil of terrorism…and so lead countries in a spirit of global unity to help build a better and safer world. Like the great majority of people OUTSIDE the USA (apparently about 85 per cent, I hear), through his misguidedness in linking Iraq with Sept. 11 and instead of choosing a united front against world terrorism (with the world behind him), I believe your “perceived Texan cow-boy of a President” (at least from this distance) has done a great disservice in protecting the citizens of your great country. I truly believe his fixations, arrogance, inability to admit mistakes, misguidedness in foreign policy, Christian fundamentalism and zealousness, inflexibility in understanding other cultures, insular (zenophobic – big word, eh?) thinking and stubborness (enough “weaknesses, vices, character flaws” for you?) are a great danger to the future security of your own country, the USA… the modern world… and yes, the security and stability of today’s world. The incumbent President’s legacy to humanity, I believe will be that of a more violent, chaotic and divided world, when the USA should be widely respected as the sole Super-Power and the world leader of nations (and doesn’t the world need that desperately!). I truly hope that your great country can regain that trust and respect in the world one day with a drastic change of direction.
As misguided, misinformed and “insular in his thinking” (from his “limited world view regarding other cultures – their values and beliefs”) as I feel your President was, I can appreciate the decisiveness and courage he took in making his momentous decisions regarding the war in Iraq. I accept that he acted in utmost good faith (and integrity?) at the time; as we’re all human and make mistakes; however some people are doomed to repeat them. Personally, I can forgive your President for his decisions in helping to create a far more dangerous world in which my beloved sons will grow up and live; yet still pray for him (for guidance) …and respect him as a fellow human being with prejudices, weaknesses and frailties, like all of us.
(Incidentally, I truly believe God can turn our weaknesses into our greatest strengths, if we just TRUST).
“My strength is made perfect in your weakness.”
(II Corinthians. 12:9)
Enough politics and religion, and stirring with your personal opinions, “meddling” Craig!
“Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history (whether from lack of wisdom, misguided religious zeal – in order to leave a lasting legacy, or from a “limited world view”) are doomed to repeat it.”
The Universe operates on the basic principle of cause and effect. Every action of ours has a consequent REACTION. The unshakable Law of the Universe: Cause and Effect The “Law of Nature” = Growth.
Our thoughts create our reality – the HIGHER the BETTER (but don’t be so “airy-fairy” spiritual, you’re no “earthly good”). So let our thoughts (lofty), our actions and our lives be mirrors of the better society, the better world we’d like to create in the future.
Plant seeds and you get growth (in business and in life). Plant good thoughts and you get good results. Plant bad thoughts and bad things happen. Plant conflict and you get conflict. Plant violence and you get violence (“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth – tit for tat” – the cycle doesn’t stop – “violence begets violence” – witness Israel and Palestine today). Plant help and you get help (from other people and other countries). GIVE and you get.
So why not then do all we can to help the hundreds of thousands of suffering and innocent Iraqi citizens (particularly children and women)?
Plant “lofty” thoughts and you reap “high” results. Plant great thoughts and you get great results. Plant a spirit of reconciliation and you get reconciliation (An enemy is just someone, who does not understand you… and who you do not understand… YET)… Talk, mediate, enter into negotiations – “positive/constructive engagement” with one’s enemies (even “tyrants”)… then you can start putting on pressure to achieve desired ends. Because we are all connected, no matter where in the world we may live, we could be surprised how common are our ideals and aspirations, as human beings inhabiting planet earth (“I am what I am because of what we all are”). We all want the same things, like stability, security and peace. People just want to live in peace and do the best for their families.
Plant forgiveness and you get electrickettleguides.com/ forgiveness. Plant thoughts of peace and you get peace (and with all resources FOCUSSED on peace you get focussed results, ie. economic GROWTH and PROSPERITY in countries and in people… for ALL – and not just the military!). GIVE. Plant faith in the future and you get even greater faith… and less poverty in the world. Plant hope and you get more hope and less “poverty of thought” AND love (which is spiritual in nature – a spiritual energy) Even when wronged and terribly hurt by others, plant love and you will reap love in return… because love is the greatest and most powerful force in the world… to accomplish absolutely ANYTHING!
So why not like Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther-King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Mohamed (many of them of different religious beliefs, by the way; yet ALL “great-souled people”, united by a common spiritual bond of LOVE for one’s fellow man) in our own small way reach out to help others (even ‘ordinary’ Iraqis) to make a better world. Each one of us ‘ordinary citizens’ (insignificant though we may feel) has a responsibility to raise the standards of our societies, our countries and the world. It’s up to us fortunate enough to be living in democracies to tell our leaders that we want the bar to be raised in what we will and will not tolerate. And we want absolute TRUTH and integrity, the highest ideals from our leaders!
As “children of God”, each person CAN make a difference (I truly believe that and that is my reason for sharing this piece publically)…a slightly better world than before you arrived on this planet.
“Instead of barriers and walls, let us build bridges… rather than barriers and borders, let us look at distant horizons together… as citizens of a shared humanity.”
“Let each one of us build bridges rather than barriers, openness rather than walls. Let us look at distant horizons together in a spirit of acceptance, helpfulness, co-operation and peace. Let our leaders look at the future with a vision – to see things not as they are, but what they could one day become.”
– craig
Let us FIGHT the “war of evil” with passion – with every ounce of our energy, the way the military fight in times of war. Let us FIGHT FOR PEACE and a better world with every fibre of our being … yet in a spirit of concern and even love for our fellow inhabitants of this planet.
Do that and I gurantee that JUSTICE WILL eventually prevail. The evil forces of terrorism and “tyrants” WILL be eliminated by all reasonable countries working together in a spirit of peaceful co-operation. I think it was Einstein who said that the great problems of this world can only be solved by a higher level of thinking (or consciousness) than that which created them.
A very wise principle… and yes, practical too, eh!
There IS a SPIRITUAL SOLUTION to any “seeming impossible” problem.
God, let our light shine to illuminate a darkened world. Broaden our horizons for all the rich promises you have in store for each one of us, Your children. In so doing, you will promote better understanding and acceptance of others… and so enable us to build a better world for ALL peoples.
With action, great faith, LOVE of others, the right SPIRIT and God’s help, we WILL one day WIN the “War against Terror”, the “War for world PEACE”
” With passion and purpose in our individual lives we can touch others and in so doing illuminate the hearts and minds of humanity to make a better world (through helping raise consciousness). Let us offer an alternate vision for the world to embrace: one that banishes the fanatical ideology of intolerance and hatred to the darkness from which it emerged. Each one of us in our own little ways boom beach cheats tool

can and must offer a compelling new horizon: a bright future of justice, tolerance, respect for other traditions and values and especially a vision of hope and thoughts of peace fuelled by the eternal flame of love, which can light the darkest night.
— Craig Lock (inspired by and adapted from the words of Abdurahman Wahid, former President of Indonesia)
Lord, raise our Spirit of Humanity and bless ALL the inhabitants of this world.
Sincerely Yours
“Passionate, impulsive” Craig Lock (“Peace Campaigner and Distributor”)
“The greatness of a nation
consists not so much
in the number of it’s people
or the extent of its territory
as in the extent
and justice of it’s compassion.”
– Inscription at the Horse Memorial in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, for horses killed in the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902).
P.S: Jesus Christ challenged the conventional thinking of the day (as He no doubt would today). As Christ said 2000 years ago, “Love thy enemies”. It takes a great person of incredible strength of character to do that in the face of the deepest hurts… but I truly believe it is the ONLY answer to the greatest problem (lack of attempts at understanding other people and cultures). The immense problems of this world cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them. If we put all our resources and imaginations together and do it right, with total commitment in a spirit of love and acceptance of others… then other immense and seemingly insoluble problems of the world, like violence and poverty will be alleviated.
We human beings CAN and WILL eventually solve them in this often very cruel, diverse, mysterious, yet still incredibly beautiful and magical world. With action by ordinary people + great faith, NOTHING is impossible. Do all you can with every fibre of your being, then simply TRUST. Life is a miracle… and we have to trust not man or countries, but God for justice to prevail.
I am reminded of something Mahatma Gandhi’s said not long before he was assassinated:
“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible; but in the end, they always fall. Think of it, ALWAYS.”
“There is only one thing that has power completely, and that is love. Because when a man loves, he seeks no power, and therefore he has power. Only strive for power if it is not at the cost (expense) of other men (people). Power corrupts. You have to be pure and righteous first, before one can attain power. I believe that love is a greater force than power.
Powerful and moving words from that great South African humanitarian, Alan Paton, who wrote the beautiful work ‘Cry the Beloved Country’ in 1948.
“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
“Love suffers long and is kind. Love does not rejoice in boom beach cheats iniquity, but rejoices in the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. And now abide faith, hope, love; but the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13
“When the world is filled with love, people’s hearts are overflowing with hope.”
– craig

Together, one mind, one soul at a time, let’s empower and inspire the world.

As Dec.

21, 2012 Approaches, Scientists Note a Downturn in the Sun’s Energy

As December 21, 2012, the date marking the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar Cycle, approaches, scientists are noticing a down turn in the Sun’s energy cycle, which they say may last from decades to longer than a century.

Observations of the Sun’s diminishing activity were reported at a June 14th meeting of the solar physic’s division of the American Academy of Science in Denver, Co.. Scientists submitted three separate studies. One study noted that a jet stream in the interior of the Sun is missing. A second study observed that the power of Sunspots is weakening and the normal 11 year Sunspot cycle is not proceeding towards a maximum as was expected. A third study found that the normal changes in magnetic flux around the Sun’s poles are not occurring as they normally do. Overall conference experts concluded that based on the three findings, dominations cheats tool they believe that that during the next century or longer, we may see a total absence of Sun spots and related Solar phenomena.

Scientists indicated that a 70 year stoppage in the 11 year sunspot cycle occurred in the 15th and 16th century, but the reasons for it and the current cycle slow down are unclear. Scientists also pointed out that during normal cycling, the new solar magnetic field pushes the old field off the solar caps, However, this is not happening and experts are unsure what effect this flux stoppage will have on our Earth’s climate.

The sudden and unexpected diminishing of solar activity gives pause for thought to Mayan Long Count calendar cycle experts who have made prophecies of doom about the end days of the cycle. Many authors and seers have predicted that catastrophic events will occur on the Earth at the end of the 5126 year cycle. Some of the most outlandish prophecies painted pictures of excessive Sun spot activity that would wreak havoc on the planet; they can be tossed into the trash. But the recent turn of events obligates scientists to at least take a moment to consider whether the alignment of the Sun with the center of the Milky Way at the time of the Winter Equinox could have anything to do with the unexpected change in Sun Spot activity. Since the Earth and Sun align with the Dark Rift and galactic center at least twice every year, a connection between that alignment and the Sun’s slow down does not seem scientifically connected.

Although no experts are yet advancing theories about a scientifically based connection between the current solar changes and the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar cycle, it is interesting if only from an aesthetic perspective, as both cosmic events serve to humble the Sun. The winter equinox is the shortest day in the year, when old Helios makes its tiniest appearance. The journey of the winter solstice Sun across the Dark Rift, a vast cloud of dust that sits between the Sun and the magnetic center of the Milky Way, begins next winter, and was likened in Mayan culture to the kicking of a soccer ball into a goal. What could be more demeaning to the otherwise dominant orb in our own sky than to liken it to a soccer ball being kicked around in a cosmic sports match? What’s more, the Dark Rift is called the gateway to growtopiahackcheatz.xyz/generator.html the underworld. 30+ years hence, when the Sun emerges from its transition of the Dark electric kettle review Rift, it will, according to Mayan cosmology, be starting a new Sun world. The transition itself is a time when the old Sun is rejuvenated by the natural energy springing from the Dark Rift. Finally, just as this stellar event is about to unfold, the Sun’s own natural cyclic activity has begun to diminish.

The Mayans were wise in the ways of the Heavens, far ahead of their times, according to some. And maybe they knew even more than we imagine. This is what concerns people who speculate about the upcoming end of the calendar cycle. It makes us wonder, what unusual events the next year and 1/2 will portend.

Artist’s Integration: A Unique Blending

Artist’s Integration: A Unique Blending
The artist spins and blends ideas inasmuch as the concept of Spin Art portrays this process so vividly well. This surrealistic technique embodies an intrinsic abstractionism by splashing an array of color and hues upon a spinner, so that it may intricately design and manifest into its finished product! I offer this as a metaphor for the artist’s integration process since Impressionistic Art is clearly not rational. This modality stimulates infinite combinations that may be unusually expressed. It conveys an imaginative, eccentric quality that opens itself up to various interpretations, which is what makes it so very interesting.
We can learn about ourselves from art! One can reflect upon a single piece and suddenly find oneself entranced and touched so deeply. With this immersion may come a new idea, a poignant memory or personal realization that allows for subconscious integration to occur. From this, we growtopia cheats online hack know It is true that the artist works in mysterious ways!
One can personally benefit by allowing new neural pathways to emerge. This reflective process becomes both the cause and the effect. It is an integral aspect for the artist’s way so that his authenticity may spontaneously come through. When I say “reflective” I refer to any conscious and/or subconscious thought process that arises to produce novel ideas or linkages that offer new ways of seeing/ or being. Supportive information to consider, as noted in the article, ”Get Out of Your Head”, featured in Spirituality & Health magazine, August 2014, Dr. Dan Siegel speaks of mind as having both mental and relational qualities. There’s an integration that occurs that honors vast differences yet remarkably values the harmony of these differences, the so called blending. Even though our mind is not a tangible part of us, it is very real and plays out in relational ways in our everyday boom beach hack tool online lives.
Brain wiring and rewiring are about utilizing the artist’s emotionality and fostering integration so that it transforms emotionality into its own brilliant creativity. Ironically, although it may seem likely that positive emotions would lead to greater integrative activities and negative emotions would decrease integration, this is not actually true. Anxiety, anger or sadness per se, does not necessarily connote good or bad because they are quality indicators that serve as a pivotal threshold to move dormant energy towards creative expression.
In fact, artists’ anxiety is a very natural phenomenon that inevitably stirs creative juices within. This creative tension spirals through the aura field until its ready to transform and become manifest. In as much as paint is splashed on the canvas, the artist’s emotions move in a spiral of concentric circles that stir them to create a momentum for expression. Any emotion can be channeled and produce art that reflects an intensity of similar emotion. Have you ever observed a picture or piece of art and then felt an unusual strong emotional tugging? This is the hallmark feature that the artist has conveyed his message and accomplished his task!
When I myself get ideas for writing, they sometimes come in dribs and drabs, while at other times they seem to flow much more readily. When I consider the factors that influence this process, it becomes clearer to me that when I am fully present in my energy, feeling grounded in the now, I can integrate such ideas along their path more boom beach cheats tool fluidly. In many ways it is as if these ideas are born and then take on a life of their own!
As the artist knows, there’s no other choice but to follow this path. This is what makes it a unique calling! So, how does one follow the yellow brick road to find their own inner wizard? The process may oftentimes require that you also must meet your own inner demons (the blackness within) just as Dorothy has journeyed through hers in The Wizard of Oz. With the story’s end, she comes to learn that she always had an inner power all the while. She just needed to believe and truly know that she was able to use it. Likewise, we are all creative beings!
The beauty of Surrealistic Art is that it truly blends both the conscious and unconscious aspects of mind. The avant garde spirit liberates and transcends unconscious elements and brings them into harmony with an absurd reality of art. So the next time that you may be feeling strong emotion of one form or another, honor your experience! Allow and take notice to feel what you feel! These are the centrifugal forces of creation. These are the raw materials for amazing, awe-inspiring art!
You are the creator in your life so become inspired to create something amazing today!

Artist Spotlight: Philip Naviasky (1894-1936)

Hailing from Leeds originally myself, my ears ?or rather eyes, in this case, if such a thing were possible ?always prick up on mention of a Leeds artist. Philip Naviasky is one such, a prolific yet modest painter in oils, with the surprising accolade of being the youngest ever student to be accepted into the Royal Academy Schools, aged just eighteen. Leeds can now of course claim visit boom beach tool website Damien Hirst, Leeds bred (although not born), and many others can be poached via Leeds School of Art ?Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, for example, being Yorkshire natives educated at the city鎶?art college. But Naviasky is perhaps especially intriguing because so little is written about him, and because he was part of Leeds鎶?sizable Jewish community. I wanted to look into the artist鎶?contemporaries and possible influences, as well as what makes his paintings unique.

Philip Naviasky was born in Leeds to Polish immigrant parents. What we know of his biography is that he won a scholarship to the Leeds School of Art in 1907 at the age of just 13, before being admitted to the Royal Academy Schools. He gained a Royal Exhibition Award from the Board of Education for three years at the Royal College of Art, and dominations cheats tool went on to take up a post as art teacher at Leeds College of Art. He married Millie Astrinsky, the tailoress daughter of Lithuanian immigrants to Leeds, at the city鎶?New Central Synagogue in 1933. The couple had a daughter, Sonia, in 1934, who sometimes features in Naviasky鎶?portraits, and who became an artist in her own right.

Two better-known Jewish artists working at the same time as Naviasky were Jacob Kramer (1892-1962) and Mark Gertler (1891-1939). Kramer was a Leeds man, his family having emigrated from Russia when Jacob was aged just 8. His father had been a Russian court painter and his mother was a trained singer of Slavic and Hebrew folk songs. Kramer attended the Leeds School of Art, and later the Slade, and became involved in the radical organisation the Leeds Art Club. Kramer produced many portraits like Naviasky, with both artists painting many local figures whose identity is now unknown. Naviasky painted some gypsy portraits, and Kramer, always hard up despite his artistic success, would paint local figures for a small fee. The artists share a simplicity and robustness of line and form, which could possibly be associated with the influence of Eastern European folk art. Frances Spalding commented about Kramer鎶?work: 鎱ere is a quality in his art that remains defiantly Eastern European.?Mark Gertler, a London artist, the youngest son of Polish Jewish immigrants, similarly painted bold portraits and is said to have been influenced by folk art.

If we contrast Naviasky鎶?and Kramer鎶?treatment of the subject of a rabbi, however, it seems that Kramer engaged more with Jewishness as a theme. Naviasky鎶?portrait is of a real person, reportedly his father-in-law who was a rabbi in Leeds in the 1940s-50s, and his depiction naturalistic ?albeit with characteristically simple colouration and a block colour background. In contrast Kramer produced some highly stylised rabbi paintings.

Kramer and Gertler, in contrast to Naviasky, show influence of the Vorticist movement, and the de-humanising effect of such a style. (Kramer having been acquainted with William Roberts and others in the movement at the Slade). In Kramer鎶?work we see the rabbi figures become relegated to repeated symbols within a rhythmic pattern, and the atmosphere is sombre and ominous. Kramer鎶?portraits are far darker than Naviasky鎶? in colour and mood.

The joy of Naviasky鎶?work, indeed, is the colourfulness, the vibrant tones which leave an arresting impression of vitality and vogue. This treatment of colour extends into his landscape studies and still life oils. These paintings recall the shimmering vibrancy of the post-impressionists. Naviasky travelled widely, painting scenes, landscapes and portraits, in Spain, the south of France and Morocco. In a painting such as Street Scene, Seville, the warm luminosity of the planes of colour, despite their naturalism, evokes the atmosphere of the works of fauve artists Henri Matisse and Andre Derain.

This brings me to a final comparison that strikes me, between Naviasky鎶?work and that of the Scottish Colourists, a post-impressionist group of artists who worked with a highly developed sense of colour. FCB Cadell (1883-1937) produced elegant portraits of Edinburgh society, often co-ordinating the colour of the sitter鎶?clothing and with their backdrop to create a stylish composition. Compare one such portrait with Naviasky鎶?A la mode.

Or compare S.J. Peploe鎶?(1871-1935) Boy Reading, with Naviasky鎶?Girl Reading, both artists using black outlines to delineate areas of tone within their composition.

With little available information about Naviasky these comparisons are speculation and fancy, but nevertheless help illuminate the work of a artist only recently gaining the deserved recognition. It has been suggested that Naviasky鎶?decision to remain in Yorkshire was the reason for this slow emergence, his work unable to compete with boom beach cheats the more established reputations of London artists. But to me Naviasky鎶?modest identity is his charm.

Artist Spotlight: Discovering The Forgotten Frances Watt

Acquiring a body of work as substantial as that of Frances Watt, there would normally be a certain amount of readily available information about the artist. The internet, being the source for worldwide information on the most obscure subjects, places and people, could lead you to assume someone, somewhere will have written something. It is wholly intriguing therefore that a search on Watt brings up practically nothing. As one auction house manager put it: it is 鎲€ike she never existed? I am compelled to explore Watt a little more and try to build up a clearer picture of the artist: the life and the work.

What appear to be early sketches by Watt show her copying paintings by Rembrandt, Reynolds, Rubens, Manet ?a host of greats ?in drawings actually annotated 鎱硉 the National Gallery? We know that Watt attended Hornsey School of Art (1946) and the Byam Shaw School of Drawing and Painting. She lived the majority of her life in London, at Southwood Lawn Road in Highgate. She does not appear to have isolated herself from, or rejected, the art establishment. She exhibited works at the Royal Academy in London, and at other institutions including The Glasgow Institute at Paisley Art Institute and at Kensington Artists Group. Today, Watt has two works in public collections: Interior of Lloyds, 1963 (City of London Corporation) and Park with a Boating Lake, 1952 (Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham).

Watt鎶?big break apparently came when she was commissioned by the Council of the Stock Exchange to record the daily life in the Square Mile. This commission seemingly suited Watt, seen in the finesse of the works, as well as the sheer quantity. The paintings are largely monochrome ?grey, black and white ?perhaps a result of their 鎱竜cumentary?function and the fact that many of the pictures were intended for the Times newspaper, where colour would not feature. But it does also seem apt for the subject, the city traders, the trading floor, and also the city architecture; cool, stylish and confidently executed, they seem to embody the 1960s, masculine world they electrickettleguides.com/ depict, where deals are done and stakes are high.

From what we know of Watt鎶?life, it is hard to imagine the artist thrust into the masculine world of the City: she grew up under the gaze of her cleric father, the Reverend Thomas M Watt, DD (minister of the Scots Church in Geneva) and she always lived with her mother. Her portraits of traders depict a type, somewhat anonymous, lacking intimacy though acutely observed. Her more fully worked up paintings are reminiscent of Gustave Caillebotte鎶?Paris Street; Rainy Day (1877) in the Chicago Art Institute ?a painting which famously captures the anonymity and alienation of the newly modern city:

Yet it seems documenting and observing is what Watt does best. The attention to detail in a study such as 鎱糰ts?show Watt replaying a motif, perhaps keen to get it right, and also to capture something 鎱箂sential?about the subjects she is studying.

We know from separate portrait studies, outside of the City commission, that she was highly sensitive to the subtle way that emotions manifest as expressions, and in turn how to render this on paper. There are some fascinating pencil annotations on her drawings. In a study of an 鎱箈pression of love and gratitude?she electric kettle review blog examines down to the detail of the boom beach cheats tool eyelids and upper lip: 鎲噇ight puckering of lower lids… upper lip in a slight arc?

She names another drawing 鎱udy for a look of disappointment and slight shock??two subtle emotions it is hard to imagine how they would look combined, let alone how to capture them with a pencil.

The more personal and intimate side of Watt is perhaps seen in her paintings of religious subjects, which are dramatically different from her City illustrations. We see a style which is immensely free and expressive, whilst still finely accomplished. These works feature vibrant colour, immediately setting them apart from the City works, and they draw more on imagination than observation. Again, if we speculate about the life, we might imagine that having a father and uncle as prominent churchmen could have been an austere influence on Watt but her religious images seem to come from a place of passion not intimidation.

I have come to feel that the style of Watt鎶?work does not quite gel with what we know of the life and the quality and confidence of her work does not gel with her obscurity. But ultimately perhaps, we know very little for sure and the work must speak for itself.

Artificial Intelligence In Popular Culture

An IBM computer named Watson recently obliterated its human competition on Jeopardy. This has renewed the centuries-long debate about the danger and potential of creating artificial intelligence. This article will examine the history of artificial intelligence in popular culture.

Ancient Greeks: Several Greek myths feature living statues or human-like objects that have come to life. While the animation of non-living objects is slightly different from today’s dominations cheats tool Watson, the sentiment is the same. There was real possibility in imagining that non-human things could think and behave like humans. Likewise, the risk of creating a thinking non-human is that the machine won’t have the same moral compass as a human, and may wreak havoc and destruction on the human world.

Frankenstein: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, written in the late nineteenth century, is a classic of horror literature. While Dr. Frankenstein’s monster was created from the flesh of formerly living humans, the fact that its life姊恘d intelligence姊歴 artificial mean that it is capable of some horrific actions.

20th and 21st Century Science Fiction: Artificial intelligence became a reality in the best eletric tea kettle review 1940s, but its mundane actuality was nothing like the science fiction that has sprung up around the concept. In 2001 Space Odyssey, HAL’s intelligence becomes manipulative, and almost destroys the mission. In the early 21st century, the television series Battlestar Galactica asks philosophical questions about the meaning of humanity, after robots with artificial intelligence are able to produce human-like replicates who feel all the emotions and pain of regular human beings.

Today: The future of artificial intelligence seems more in line with the fictional fears about it than ever before. Almost every individual or family owns a computer of some sort, which creates a greater need for computer recycling and data destruction. Once our computers boom beach cheats can feel emotions as well as compute data, how will we feel about destroying them? Will degaussing become homicide? Will computer recycling companies be participating in genocide?

Artificial Fruits – Fruits For Show!

For years artificial fruits have become a part of home d闁弌r. They are made using various materials and are arranged either in baskets, boxes, plates or domes. Earlier clay was the material used to make these fruits. But nowadays materials like wax, plastic, leather, wood and even glass are used.

Reasons for the popularity of the artificial fruits: There are many reasons for which the artificial fruits have become popular. These are:

i) They serve as wonderful showpieces for decorating your houses
ii) They can be used to decorate Christmas trees and any birthday party
iii) They are used in schools to teach the children colors and names of various fruits

To make a wonderful home d闁弌r, you do not always need to buy the already arranged ones from the shops. You can yourself make a beautiful artificial fruit arrangement at home. In this article we will let you know how this can be done.

For arranging the artificial fruits you need to have the following:

a) Your preferred fruits like pears, oranges, grapes and bananas
b) Sandpaper
c) Roses for decoration if you need
d) A bowl of silver or glass
e) Silver paint
f) Silver leaf
g) Gold leaf
h) Paintbrush
i) Soft brush
j) Silver die cut leaves

Now, the procedure of how to make a good fruit arrangement! Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully for that.

1) Use the sandpaper to de-gloss the fruits

2) Use the silver paint to paint the fruits. Allow the paint to dry up

3) Now is the time to add silver leaf. Use adhesive on the fruits and let it stay on the fruits for half an hour. Then attach the silver leaf over the adhesive

4) Use a dominations hack ios protective sealer to seal the fruits

5) Use the silver leaf in the stems of the fruits also

6) Now arrange the items in a silver or a glass bowl

You can also use an artificial fruit within a floral arrangement for adding extra zing. For this follow these steps.

?First, decide on the arrangement that you want to make. Buy the fruits accordingly.

?Second, you need to decide whether you want the fruits to look natural boom beach cheats tool or not. If you want an artificial look you can paint the fruits.

?Third, attach the floral foam which will support the fruits with hot glue on the container.

?Fourth, you need to cut the floral wires electric kettle review in such a way that they act as anchor to the floral foam for supporting the fruits. Remember heavier fruits like apples and pears should be left at the bottom of the vase.

?Fifth, pierce the fruit and attach it to the floral wire and then stick the other end of the floral wire to the floral foam to the desired height.

?Sixth, now arrange the flowers accordingly so that there is a good combination of both flowers and fruits.

Thus you can easily make a nice arrangement of flowers and fruits with artificial fruits.

Artificial and Natural Height Enhancers

Such artificial height enhancers have several advantages like increase in height up to five inches within months. The results are permanent and irreversible. Application is quick and simple. However, there are a few disadvantages too. These cons include the very high cost in order to avail, administer and apply the procedure. Also, several bad side effects were also noted. This might not be advisable for people who are afraid of needles because the application requires needles. This is not effective for people who have already stopped growing due to the closing of growth plates in the bones.
Height enhancers need not be something commercially produced or synthesized artificially. Good news is that most of the safe height enhancers are all natural and can easily be found, even inside your own refrigerators. The following are the foods that are best for height increase:
1. Apple. Apple is a very good source of fiber. This sugary and starchy fruit aid the human body to secrete a significant amount of insulin, an essential fat-storage and fat-protecting hormone. This is a good alternative to the next food alternative.
2. High fiber vegetables. This group includes green, yellow, and red colored vegetables. For several reasons, even if you include such being height enhancers, these foods are important to the human diet. They are very low in calories, therefore, these foods help us eliminate and drive away bad fats that give way to the optimal production of hormones that aid us in our growth.
3. Amino acids. Taken in proper ratios and amounts together with vitamin co-factors, amino acids can supplement our growth by stimulating our body to function and best eletric tea kettle review grow to its maximum potential in all imaginable aspects like growth, health, metabolism, among others. Supplements having amino acids as the major content are effective and safe for regular intake and can help our overall growth by increasing hormone production. Amino acids should be taken in on a daily basis.
4. Non-farmed fish. Eating non-farmed fish for dinner is helpful because once asleep, it aids our body in the production of electric kettle review blog growth hormones, the time when our body is at its peak of secretion of important hormones. When picking fish from the market, it is better to buy fish from remote and cold ocean water because they have high quality protein and very valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Farmed fish are often high in toxin level.
5. Egg whites. This contains high quality protein, a very good height enhancer.
6. Milk and other milk products. Everyone knows that three glasses of milk help us grow taller. This is already a classic height enhancer.
However, some vitamin supplements which have no approved therapeutic claims which actually claim to aid in height growth. One advice for those who intend to use boom beach cheats such a height enhancer is to ask your doctors about it. Do not believe advertisements right away for these may prove to be harmful to your health if done without the guidance of your physician.